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three weeks, and there was
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nothing i could do then. >> becky and her neighbor looked up a foul after he was arrested and were surprised at what they found. according to the site run by the attorney general he has a conviction of oral copulation and as follows. >> when she read about his past descriptions she says at what she thought about was the indecent exposure that happened about one year ago at the trailer park. >> i was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette, he was walking down the street with only a t-shirt on. i call the managers but i should call the police. >> they say they did not know about his past until today. >> the police in oakland are considering a curfew for young people they think that may help to fight a violent crime in the city. we talk with city leaders today about the controversial idea. >> the idea of implementing
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a juvenile curfew as a need to reduce violent crime in oakland is a touchy subject for leaders at oakland city hall. i cannot find one city council person available to discuss this. however, they say the mayor does not said that the mayor may be open to some type of loitering enforcement to get teenagers off the streets during certain hours. the oakland police chief floated the idea to oakland city leaders a while back as an option that may reduce crime after reviewing juvenile crime statistics like these from last year. the categories of homicide, shootings, burglaries and automotive theft. 155 juvenile were arrested and 283 were considered suspect. that is a total of 4382 and house. for the summer months of 2010, the number increases from june to august. 139 do without were
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arrested in 480 were considered suspect. that is a 41 percent increase during summer vacation from school. >> officials say that this time there is nothing on the table when it comes to any type of curfew for the city of oakland. i'm hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >> we also talked with oakland residents about the curfew idea. >> i do not support it, it is nothing against cutting down violence i just do not support a curfew. >> i support it, i am tired of seeing the young to--use it being out here running around talking crazy having guns and stuff like that. >> i do not think it would be a good idea. i think it is better to give the use a message that they're good people in that they want to do something outside after 10:00. i think that they should be in courage to do that. a lot of wonderful things can happen after 10:00 p.m. that night. >> i am for that because
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when my son says he's going to that ice skating rink and appear to the movie theater that is actually where he is at and if the law can help me, i am with them. i want to--i do not want to see him becoming a victim to oakland. >> right now this is time for police to have one more task since the police force has been cut back? so it is a double edged sword. >> of the three biggest cities in the bay area, san francisco, san jose and oakland oakland is the only one without the juvenile curfew. >> temperatures will warmer out there is special for the inland valleys we got back into the upper 80s, 88 antioch, livermore and fairfield 86 concord it was warmer down in the south bay 81 san jose and one for the bayshores in the '70s this afternoon. a reason why is because the fog cleared out a lot quicker to the
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temperatures were up for degrees in oakland, eight degrees hayward, 10 degrees warmer in concord and excuse me, 12 degrees warmer in livermore. a look at the current conditions of pretty mouth for the inland valleys. it is a lot cooler close to the coastline where the fog has set in. it is starting to spill into the bayshores and here's what you can expect out there for tomorrow. it is scaling back a little slowly tomorrow. the temperatures will cool down into the afternoon. falk is back to the coastline by noon, breezy conditions and mao temperatures in the 4:00 hour i'll have more on the forecast in just a little bit. >> still ahead. >> police are crediting a quick thinking team for using a bb gun to scare off thieves who held a gun to the french head in mountain view, more on this story coming up. >> and charles clifford and the city council has approved a plan to tear down this old factory. we will have details coming up.
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>> there is bad blood brewing between the phillies and the giants and because the two teams are from the opposite coast, it looks like we have a rivalry. >> i have some incredible deals to tell you about including scoring a new iphone for for as low as $5. that is this weekend only i am gabe slate in that is coming up and my tech report. ♪
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>> we may have the chowder and they may have the cheese
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steaks will when the giants went out and got an all-star outfielder, the phillies got one of their own go figure, they're trying to keep the with the giants. >> a look at our extended forecast comment saw the fog rolling in. it will be a cool weekend i will have details coming up in just a little bit.
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>> the city of alameda has approved a plan it is a long
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oak street right next to the oakland title canal. we were in the east bay today with details. >> dave runs a small advertising business right next door to one of the first manufacturing sites in alameda, the factory has been closed for years and the buildings are in bad shape, dave says that there have been other problems. >> the police always have to come back here, there is dumping that goes on back here, you know, i for a long time like to see it all cleaned up. >> it looks as though he would get his wish. it will allow the properties owner to tear down the building clean up the mess and bill 182 new residential units. it also calls for a 2 a. public park along the waterfront. there was some concern that the new park would be hard to access the the city in the property owner said that they're working to address the problem. >> part of that is because
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the way that it is now no one has ever gone down there from this property line. it will be new and we will have to make sure that the streets are open in a sign it is clear so that the public knows that they can get to the park when this is done. >> that he is thrilled with the new plants. it >> and alameda charles clifford with kron4 news. >> a live look outside, look at the blanket of fog it is everywhere on this camera shot. it is spilling over into the bay as we speak. the fog will be issued through the weekend. dense fog and drizzle tomorrow morning and breezy into the afternoon temperatures will drop a little smart because it will be a little slower to clear. we will keep that same level going into sunday. they led the fog tracker for tomorrow morning, at the 7:00 hour to the north bay and east bayshores, the peninsula and edging into the south bay in the inland valleys. but it
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will slowly peeled back by 10:00 p.m.. finally edging back to san francisco by the afternoon, i will have more on the cooler temperatures for tomorrow coming up. >> i am kimberlee sakamoto what with the latest tech and social media. the changes coming soon users will be able to replant, skip and even banned songs. the service will soon be like tito for music. in addition to the new features the company plans on making 25 percent more channels available but to enjoy all of these changes, you have to get a new radio at the end of this year. serious ex-im will roll out to new generation reveals that are capable of handling these new features and an as yet automaker will roll out a 2013 car that is equipped with the new technology starting next year. now according to the founder of the web site the number of editors is slowly dwindling.
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he says it that has aged out. they got married and found better things to do with their time in update pages. wells says that this is not a crisis yet a key considers it to be very important. now new data shows that apple sales helped the company's iphone shipments to grow about 152% from the second quarter of last year compared to this year. however, low what apple year over year the growth has been strong it is samsung that stole the show. >> some good news this week in only there are some good take bills for smart phones and tablets. gabe slate gives us a look. >> through saturday at closing time target is selling the iphone for
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>> tonight's 6 story and nine year-old is recovering after being hit by a car after the giants game last night. he was with his parents at their walking back to the hotel they say the driver hit the child and other cars. the police did catch the suspect they think he had been driving drunk. the registered sex offender has been arrested for trying to kidnap a woman in napa. he says--police say he tried to force her into his car after she refused a ride. he is being held without bail. oakland police are considering a curfew for young people the police chief likes the idea the mayor says that she is opposed to it but open to some kind of band on loitering in order to reduce crime. it was a another
8:30 pm
rollercoaster day on wall street the numbers are all over the place, the dow jones gained 61 points but major news a few hours ago it was not good, a credit agency downgraded the u.s. credit to triple a from aaa down to double a-plus. >> for the first time in the history of the united states we have not been at a triple a credit rating but a more practical impact will that do to interest rates? when will not know that until a few days because ultimately, we need to keep in mind for everyone% increase in interest rates which is 100 basis points, that is about $150 billion per year in additional interest in which we get nothing. so only time will tell how we will be affected. in interest rates affecting the u.s. government can ripple throughout the economy which is not good news given are
8:31 pm
weak economic condition already. >> looking at this past week overall, it was the worst since 2008 it started ok above 12,500 on monday tuesday it dip below, wednesday it was up and down in thursday was the worst day on wall street since 2008. the dow loses 2012 points. it was up and down again but as we report, there is now an opportunity for some good deals. >> it has been a wild ride for the stock market this week, many stocks have gone down but experts say that stocks in the technology sector have held their own. >> at the comes down to how much you're willing to spend. if you are talking about google it is close to $600 per share. >> he explains as some of the top stocks are apple and google. the two stocks did
8:32 pm
not budge that much and here are the numbers, friday morning apple opened at about $380 it closed around $373. google opened at around $582 and closed around $579. if you are looking for a new and affordable option experts suggest linked-in i am a coal with kron4 news. >> despite all the drama on wall street, the new jobs report was better than expected. as employers added 117,000 jobs last month. a big improvement from june and just 18,000 or added. the national unemployment rate dropped from 9.2 to 9.1% in july. but it is 125,000 jobs per month are needed to keep up with growth. >> sunnyvale conceives to see about two to 300 job
8:33 pm
seekers each day. >> i have been out of work for literally three years. >> he is an electrician. >> i am not finding a lot out there is tough to get a job. >> this man is and he quit his support engineer transitioning to high tea. >> everyone wants to to five years' experience and i do not have that, but i do have the knowledge and ideas looking for someone to give me the chance and bring me in. v >> i have the looking for work for close to two years now. >> on frameworks and customer service. >> i think you have to keep looking stay positive and you'll find what you are looking for. >> of the office of remains filled with it job-seekers but they say hiring is on the increase. this center has a group of a job seekers looking for technology jobs. this in just the last four months, 90 of them have found work. which they say is definitely an increase over the same period last year. it hiring surge is
8:34 pm
also taking hold for companies o'clock served by the professional staffing firm. >> our clients are definitely talking about future and current hiring needs. they are discussing adding to staff and a lot of the positions that we talk to clients about, they are new positions that are being added. >> the company says it job openings include everything from financial analysts, accountants, who of designers and developers, administrative assistants and customer service representatives. >> they want to remind people that every opportunity even if it is a temporary job as an audition. they say oftentimes they find that this will lead to full-time employment. >> in the news around the bay, investigators are looking for answers have iran county deputy say that the car was discovered engulfed in flames. one person was in the car, no
8:35 pm
cause of death has been determined and no arrests have been made. a man convicted of murdering a uc- berkeley student faces 40 years in prison. duane robinson shot and killed a vincent choy prosecutors say there was an argument between the men, robinson was a student and he testified that he fired in self-defense. a man called 911 shortly after 2:30 a.m. saying that he and killed his girlfriend at their san jose apartment. police found the body of a 34 year-old woman that had been stabbed, her 48 year-old boyfriend was arrested at the scene. neighbors say the couple could often be heard arguing. rebecca stays two doors down and says that she heard the woman pleading for her life. >> my dog started barking i walked outside and then i walked up to that apartment of their and i could hear her screaming no ante, no eddie! it was brutal. the
8:36 pm
screens were loud. i sought a police officer running up and he says man, where is the p building i said it is right around the corner. and he took off running. the next thing i heard was get down on the ground edward. i had the impression when i had walked out i could hear this really heavy breeding cows and i do not know if he was around the area for a minute i thought he was in my bushes because my dog went crazy. but he was pacing like back-and-forth and back-and-forth before the evening got him down on the ground. so i'd think he did not even know what happened. he looked distraught. >> police are not releasing the name of the suspect in the victim yet this was the city's 29th homicide this year, it happened at the same apartment complex where a nine year old boy helped
8:37 pm
to save a three year-old girl and her grandfather from drowning in a pool. that was on monday. now police are warning the parents in south bay to be on a look out after to attend to of the actions within 10 days. we have a sketch of the suspect in the first kidnapping attend the police say that he tried to were 18 year-old girl from in front of her parents' house. in another case, a man went after an 11 year- old boy and two other teenagers. they say the adduction attempts do not appear to be related. [music] then mothballed continues into the weekend here is a look at tomorrow. the temperatures are in the upper 50s, the fog is a little slower to scale back mal temperatures will cool down into the afternoon and the winds will pick up. ticket with the temperatures around the bay area. '70s and '80s for the south bay. 78 san jose, it is cooler for the inland valleys to the upper 80s, tomorrow just in the lower 80s. 82
8:38 pm
concord, 83 antioch. east bayshores, '60s and '70s, 75 fremont, 67 oakland also in the '60s and '70s for the peninsula. you can see the rain drops falling along the coastline. that is the drizzle that we will see into the morning hours. in the north bay and the '70's and low 80s. we will take a look your extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> coming up, i will show you how not driving can still beat you a moving violation and points on your record after the break. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords.
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>> this driver is stopped on highway 101 which attracted the attention of the california highway patrol. >> if you had to stop on the side of the road because she did not have the handsfree with you? for >> the driver did not have a hand for device so he pulled over to the side of the road to take a call.
8:41 pm
crowe was this a truck driver was pulled over on the shoulder of an off ramp. >> the reason i pulled up behind me because i saw the car parked on the freeway with is going on? >> the driver of this truck stop to take a break here is the problem. >> you do not have emergency or broke down? >> no, i am sticking my break. >> it is against a law to stop on any part of the freeway and less to have a true emergency. how >> you have to keep in mind you can not park on an on ramp or offer ramp just to take a nap. >> these two trucks a stop to exchange could work but not because of an accident. >> i notice that he stopped on the side of the freeway exit did you have a wreck or something? exchanging paper work does not constitute an emergency. >> this is called, but he added blue tooth and stop on the side of the road to talk on the phone because well, i
8:42 pm
will let him explain. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> we got that part but why did you stop on the shoulder? >> because this event makes a lot of noise. >> unless it is a true emergency, you have to keep moving. it may not know this, but it is a moving violation and it could cost points on your record, so please pull off the freeway at all the way off. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley e- mail us at people behaving badly at gary is joined by the birth of a girl, his wife to join him and open the mail bag and answer your e-mails. tiger woods and stays in contention barely as he plays competitive golf for the first time in nearly three months. gary has highlights on all the sports up next.
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>> the giants are struggling again at this hour. it is now five to two, but philadelphia leading in the fifth inning. by jonathan sanchez has returned a not very hot. now this is not a pretty sight. it did for colorado, a line drive right back at it. the
8:46 pm
ball hit him on the right side of his face, he laid on the ground until the medical personnel carted him off the field. according to medical staff, it is blinking and able to move his hands and legs before being taken to a local hospital this was a scary scene when you are throwing a ball to someone and it is coming in at maybe 90 mi. per hour and sometimes even 150 mi. per hour course. the a's lose again. at this point, is four to two. the a's are playing the next two months trying to stay out of the seller. they're not very good. they're no longer
8:47 pm
would the devil rays, they're just raise of tampa bay. they beat the oakland a's tonight. now tiger not too bad. you can talk about tiger woods all day long, when he is not plane you did not hear people. but when tiger woods plays, special things happen and when he blows one like this all of the haters say how you like it now. now this is great, this is phil nicholson. he is tied at 8 under par. he is tied for 36, seven shots under. the tight end kevin ross played for four years, $60 million. where now the
8:48 pm
only reason that you not say what a good sighting because the raiders just lost a really good tight end who left them recently to go to seattle. it is a free agent signing and the 49ers and raiders have done a little something, they're not making everyone thinks superbowl, but they have done something. the see the young lady, she is nodding, this is my wife and she is ready to roll. >> let us go with wayne. if the giants do not when the world series how many of the front runners would jump off the bandwagon? >> quite a few. i think i said this the other night but it bears repeating. the president of the giants larry, they were having this big game on wednesday against arizona up for a plane for first place and i said if he were playing at candlestick, how many people do you think would be there? he steadily around
8:49 pm
25,000, maybe 30,000. as the defending world champs, but now at at&t to get 42,000. and i really do believe this. or if they would not win this year, i think there would be a little carry over, but i think there are about 10,000 people that are just there for a party and it is just the thing to do. a let us put it this way, the could of been second or third. danielle steel will not be car setting us up for the giants game. now here is another one. >> and here's the thing, of when i say i do not think i do not the day will come out and just win 10 games and lose six. i think eight and eight will be good. and i used to think that he was kind of a bully and just taking his self so serious and then remembered the hbo
8:50 pm
show? they showed him and his brother who is the head coach in baltimore the only two brothers to ever in the nfl at the same time they brought their father and you want to do what they did in the car? >> he was they who has a better than us, and it was a nobody has a better. i do that with our kids. can you imagine the self-esteem and pride that you building your kids. >> unless they are at two wins and eight losses, who has a better than the 49ers? so it if they win half of their games it will be a good year. >> can now this one says i wish you would not talk about golf if your only interest is tiger woods. >> oops! silence. now let us move on.
8:51 pm
>> and i cannot blame you young man, and bob melvin, that does not exactly make your palm sweat. but i go back to my tired story when the a's had rickey henderson and canseco and stored. everyone talked about the man everyone was excited. when the raiders went to the super bowl, how long ago was that, but nonetheless, people will go to santa rosa to watch them train, and you could sit and drink beer with ted hendricks and jim and all of those guys. but this is one of those deals, if you cannot win, you know the giants can get by with a losing season because the facility is so nice at at&t. they a's, if you are now winning no one cares and that is the same with the raiders. >> here is another one. this one is so personal. >> that answer is no, not at all. >> i do not, but just
8:52 pm
making happy when i leave home in the morning i do take a peek in the mirror to go over like this in the back. but this is all mine, and if you're jealous i am sorry. but if i turn around, you can see that i'm very vulnerable in the back. that is it. are you done? >> i have nothing else that is it. >> so do you think you can get a young wife if you die your hair. >> shame on you jimmy. [laughter] >> we will be back. catherine will take you home in prime-time in a moment.
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8:55 pm
>> last night season for the jersey shore premiered on mtv but many were wondering what happened to ginny's face. she shocked viewers with her dramatic weight loss you can see the comparison to last season was on the left, the current one is on the right. at lady gaga is being sued by a stinker call rebecca as. she says lady gaga are ripped off her song. take a listen. [music] , >> rebecca's lawyer says even though all the songs
8:56 pm
have different styles, he says the compositions are the same and a chorus have similar american--looks similar melodies. now charlie sheen was axed after he publicly belittled the show's executive producer and boasted about past drug use. >> the weekend will be a pretty nice the foggy. nice for the inland valley in the san jose areas. is it a close to the coastline you will not see the sun, it will be foggy and drizzly. where that will continue and the dense fog as well. that will continue all the way through monday notice a slight warm up into next week, the fog will get less extensive when temperatures will warm up to near normal values and we will stay close to the readings crew rest of next week. >> thank you for joining us everybody see tonight at 11:00 p.m..
8:57 pm
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jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t.

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